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Western union and crypto

western union and cryptoAs Western Union sees a great upside to blockchain and crypto, are they willing to make that leap of faith? No alt text provided for this image. To. Most prominent perhaps was a trial with Ripple for XRP. However given the recent comments by Western Union CEO, it doesn't seem like that is.

Western union and crypto

Tech News By David Drake For over a hundred years, the global money transfer landscape has radically evolved from localized payments, that were western union and crypto preserve of banks, to the emergence of numerous money transfer companies.

It has established itself western union and crypto a trusted global leader, operating in more than countries with overagents worldwide.

Western Union CEO Skeptical on Ripple XRP in Goldman Webcast but can we believe him with new partner

Recently, Western Union announced it is ready to add cryptos to the list of currencies on its list of operations. Months prior to this announcement, the company was against plans to include cryptocurrencies in its transfer business citing low western union and crypto of cryptos by its customers.

Western union and crypto

But this has since changed. We already have currencies.

Western union and crypto

This will bridge the gap that currently exists in the conversion of cryptos to fiat currency. It would also help alleviate high transactional costs currently pegged on exchange rates. This, ultimately, will promote global financial inclusion where crossborder transfer and the use of cryptocurrencies will become much more acceptable.

Western union and crypto

Beyond this, a paradigm shift is also expected. According to William Go here, Managing Director western union and crypto LDJ Capital, mobile money payments have resulted into a shift on how western union and crypto global money transfer operates and is maintaining a momentous growth.

Western union and crypto

It is, therefore, imperative that traditional money transfer entities diversify their services to stay in business despite the onslaught from mobile payments services. For Davis, the inclusion of crypto payments into traditional money transfer services will be a western union and crypto ahead in capturing market segment for digital goods.

As peer western union and crypto peer lending and global trade grows, crypto payments will augment https://review-catalog.ru/and/sapphire-pulse-radeon-rx-580-8gb-vs-gtx-1070.html not reshape the western union and crypto landscape allowing a new western union and crypto type mechanism that very often is preferred by purchasers particularly western union and crypto industries with digital goods and existing virtual currencies.

Western union and crypto

Today, Michael Hull. This is because the money transfer giant is better equipped and has structures in place to support governance, reduce volatility western union and crypto encourage compliance in the industry.

These all have been major hindrance towards mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Implementation of this announcement by Western Union will definitely stimulate the financial sector and encourage players to consider integrating western union and crypto into their operations.

Western union and crypto

Disclaimer: David Drake is on the advisory board for most of the firms mentioned or quoted in this article.

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