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Spotify account for podcast

Note: While Spotify doesn't play ads that interrupt the music listening experience of Premium subscribers, some podcast and show creators. 1. Verify your podcast meets Spotify's requirements · 2. Create a Spotify account · 3. Agree to the Terms & Conditions · 4. Enter your RSS feed link.

How to Submit Your Podcast to Spotify

Get started with Castos today! Spotify account for podcast credit card required Start my day free trial Listing spotify account for podcast show across the major spotify account for podcast directories is an essential piece of growing an audience.

Spotify is a huge platform for streaming music but in made influential platform updates to appeal to podcasters and their article source. To capitalize on users discovering your show, first you need to have a read article listing.

Ahead, we have a step by step guide on how to submit a podcast to Spotify.

How to Get Listed in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, \u0026 Google Podcasts [2020]

Get started with Castos today And see just how easy podcasting can be. The basic process is signing up for an account, submitting your Spotify account for podcast feed to the service, then waiting for their approval. To help you navigate the Spotify podcast submission process, we have spotify account for podcast checklist of requirements your podcast must meet before submission.

Then here along with our seven step guide with spotify account for podcast to officially submit a podcast to Spotify.

How To Submit A Podcast To Spotify

These tags will be removed for your descriptions before publication. Create a Spotify https://review-catalog.ru/account/paypal-anonymous-account.html Your next step to submit spotify account for podcast podcast to Spotify is to visit Spotify For Podcasters and log into your account.

Head over to your podcast hosting service and find your RSS feed link. The podcast spotify account for podcast monitor the feed consistently and display new information as its added to the feed. A RSS feed for a podcast is a bit different than one used by a website.

How can I see my podcast's stats on Spotify?

To function correctly, a podcast RSS feed needs additional information spotify account for podcast a title, description, artwork, category, language, and explicit rating. Spotify will send an eight digit code to the email address associated with the RSS feed. This email address is spotify account for podcast the one you used to sign up for your source hosting service.

Find the verification email in your inbox, then enter the unique code on Spotify. You have an hour to retrieve spotify account for podcast code to verify your podcast.

If you miss the window, you can always send yourself another unique 8-digit code.

Submit Your Podcast to Spotify: Step by Step Guide

Spotify also allows you to choose 2 more overall categories spotify account for podcast their own sub-categories.

This way your show will appear in more relevant places as Spotify users https://review-catalog.ru/account/bitcoin-trading-account-manager.html the platform to discover new podcasts.

Review and submit your podcast Your final step in the Spotify podcast submission process is to review all of the information you submitted. Your show will show up in the platform shortly spotify account for podcast.

You can complete the Spotify podcast submission process in just a few steps. Below is our three step guide with screenshots on how to set up your listing.

How to make your Podcast on Android and publish on Spotify for FREE? - Explained In Hindi.

Implement the one-time sync using following our instructions here. Your Spotify podcast submission is complete!

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