- 11.03.2020

Bug bounty platform

bug bounty platformWhat are Bug Bounty Platforms? Bug Bounty Platforms are software used to deploy bug bounty programs. A bug bounty program is a deal or reward offered for. Intigriti offers bug bounty and agile penetration testing solutions powered by Europe's #1 leading network of ethical hackers.

Pieter I love that intigriti allows me to contribute to the security of Belgian companies I know bug bounty platform use on a daily basis.

Bug bounty platform

Skeltavik Intigriti stands out in having personal contact with researchers. No robotic replies, bug bounty platform human language and their triaging is fast and very supportive!

Bug bounty platform

I love to work with them! Arne Intigriti's triage team is extremely fast, fair and helpful towards researchers.

Bug bounty platform

Their pay on triage policy is also a great perk. Learn more about intigriti for researchers Bug bug bounty platform platform our common vulnerabilities report Getting ready to launch a bug bounty program?

Bug bounty platform

Use our checklist to make sure that you have your basics covered. Your email address Keep me informed about intigriti news I'd like to learn more about the platform Send bug bounty platform bug bounty platform report I am a company Enlist the help of our experienced community of researchers.

Bug bounty platform

They'll help you identify and tackle vulnerabilities before they become an issue.

Collaborate and communicate directly and transparantly and stay on top of your security. Request demo Learn more I am bug bounty platform security researcher The intigriti platform is built for researchers, by researchers.

Bug bounty platform

We take pride in a very personal approach. Join us today to bug bounty platform private program invites and start turning your skills into bounties.

Interested to work with us?

Bug bounty platform

We are happy to demo our platform.

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