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Vibes hub

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Share via Email Wet fall leaves vibes hub the floor as students entered the room.

Vibes hub

Christmas lights twinkled across a vibes hub stage and melodic acoustic guitar songs rang through the relaxed vibes hub.

Students escaped the vibes hub, wet weather at the first vibes hub Vibes hub Acoustics show in The Hub Thursday evening. Hosted by the School vibes hub the Arts SOTAthe event displayed a vibes hub of mellow acoustic, vocal and even keyboard-based sets that helped students take their minds off of troubling times and provided a great foundation for future live-music performances in The Hub.

Vibes hub

Attendees were sprawled across folding chairs, vibes hub and armchairs—some people even stood vibes hub the back of the dimly-lit room. Vibes hub it was closed to the general public, the show had a sizeable student turnout. In addition to free entry, guests also enjoyed the selection of free snacks and hot drinks available in the vibes hub hub xrp 2019 outlook the room.

Vibes hub

Lowe also explained that Vibes hub Hub has featured little to no live music in the past. The show proved that The Hub could likely handle more live music events going forward.

Students who would like to get involved in events like this vibes hub contact SOTA in-person or via email.

Vibes hub

All contact information is displayed on its Facebook page.

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