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Coursera certificate linkedin

Coursera Course Certificates | followers on LinkedIn. Coursera Course Certificates connect your coursework to your identity. It shows that you—and only​. You can find this information by visiting the Completed Courses of your profile. Then, click on the “Go To Course” button of the course you want to add. Finally, click.

The workaround below can still work but it is not as relevant anymore.

Adding Certificate to LinkedIn Profile on 2019 LinkedIn Current Interface

This coursera certificate linkedin will also allow you to please click for source projects you've created during an online course. Note: Some coursera certificate linkedin may argue that MOOCs coursera certificate linkedin should not be confused with traditional schools in coursera certificate linkedin resume.

That might be true but the method outlined below coursera certificate linkedin maximum visibility of your online education achievements on the LinkedIn page and in my view is justified until LinkedIn provides a native feature to display MOOC awards.

It's also a necessary step to further popularize MOOCs and familiarize HR departments with these new forms of education.

As always, whenever in doubt, coursera certificate linkedin your own judgement.

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STEP 1. This way there won't be any doubt regarding to the type of education you feature on your profile. STEP coursera certificate linkedin.

In "Courses" section, add your coursera certificate linkedin courses In the "Course Name" field https://review-catalog.ru/2019/litecoin-prediction-2019.html can provide as much information as necessary.

Ideally, LinkedIn coursera certificate linkedin provide more space and separate form fields for all this data.

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Until then, we have to squeeze coursera certificate linkedin into the Course Name field. In "Projects" section, Add your course Projects If coursera certificate linkedin your course you created any publicly visible projects you can also feature them on your profile.

Again it's very important to take advantage of the "Description" field to save readers any confusion regarding the origin of your project.

Adding Certificate to LinkedIn Profile on 2019 LinkedIn Current Interface

You're done!

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